Probate applications & estate administration lawyers in Drysdale

Estate lawyers in the Bellarine Peninsula

At KG Lawyers, we can assist with all aspects of estate administration and planning in Drysdale and the surrounding areas, from applying for grants of representation to assisting with the final distribution of the estate.

Our estate lawyers will first evaluate the estate and determine who has the authority to represent the estate via a grant of representation.

If an executor is appointed in the Will, the first step in estate administration is securing a grant of probate. This grants a person the right to administer the deceased’s wishes as per the Will, including selling property and obtaining access to funds.

If no Will exists, our estate lawyers can apply for letters of administration on behalf of the next on kin, granting them the authority to administer the estate.

Once a person has been appointed to carry out the deceased estate, we can assist with all aspects of estate administration, including:

  • locating the Will
  • collecting and paying debts
  • setting up trusts
  • land transfer services such as selling property.

KG Lawyers can also assist with Part IV Testator Family Maintenance claims and estate disputes. Please contact our wills and estates lawyers for more information about estate administration and planning across Portarlington, St Leonards, Clifton Springs, Curlewis and surrounds.

Probate administration lawyers

Where a valid Will exists and a person has been named as executor of the Will, a probate application needs to be lodged with the Supreme Court.

The probate process involves having the Will proven and acknowledging the authority of the executor to distribute the estate in accordance with the provisions of the Will.

Our probate administration lawyers can help locate a Will and lodge probate applications on behalf of the executor, reducing the likelihood of challenges to the estate.

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